1. Clean The Surface

To ensure a secure hold prepare the surface before applying Bondic®. Ensure all oils are removed from the surface. Rough up the surface with a file or sandpaper. This will create groves and allow the Bondic® Liquid Plastic to fill those groves and create a microscopic mechanical bond with the surface.   

2. Fill With Bondic®

Apply thin layers of Bondic® Liquid Plastic in the space using the applicator tip. By Applying Bondic® in thin layers, curing then repeating, the hold will become more secure. 

3. Cure With The LED

After applying the Liquid Bondic® shine the UV Light on the Liquid Plastic. Hold the Light over the Liquid Bondic® for 4 seconds to harden. 

4. Shape To Desired Outcome

Use the Shaping tool to file down any unwanted hardened plastic. You can Shape, Paint, Vanish, or Colour the hardened plastic in any way you desire.