Bondic® is the world's

Liquid Plastic welder

That stays liquid until you want it to harden.

What is Bondic®?

Bondic® Liquid Plastic formula is designed to last for years and can support a weight of up to 500 lbs.

 Just 4 Seconds

The Bondic® liquid only hardens under a special UV light in just 4 seconds!

No Mess

 No need for any pressure to be applied. And with the applicator tip, there's no mess.

Full Control

You can cure immediately or wait until everything is in place, you have full control over the repair process.


A bonding compound that only hardened when exposed to UV light was something that serial entrepreneur Robert Harbauer had never seen before. He made the discovery while traveling through Germany. Dr. Thomas Offermann, a local dental surgeon, created the substance from the idea he got when he was filling and bonding teeth one day.

Robert, a lifelong fan of tools and technology, was completely floored. His imagination immediately began to think of countless uses for it, and he soon located Dr. Offermann.

Robert knew they had both come to the same conclusion when Dr. Offermann revealed that he had already used it to repair his coffee maker: This stuff is Amazing!

They quickly formed a team and set out on a mission to make sure that every home and toolbox in the entire world had access to this incredible adhesive.


Fast world-wide shipping 

We provide fast shipping to over 100 countries worldwide! With Free Shipping available.

100% safe and

 Non- toxic

Bondic® is non-toxic and won't easily stick to your skin so its completely safe to use!

Made in Canada

 and the USA

Owned and Operated out of Canada. Bondic® Fluid is made in the USA and assembled in Canada.



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