RED-dy to Bond! Kit PLUS

Special Offer for Kickstater Backers Only!


TWO Bondic® 10ml cartridges, our new Bondic® PRO UV LED, a Bondic® cleaning cloth and a jumbo Bondic® storage tin.

This fluid is from a batch of our higher grade Bondic® PRO fluid which came off the production line with a slight red tint to it. Even though its performance has not been compromised, it didn't meet our stringent Quality Control and so we are offering it for a special clearance price of just $24.99!

Two AAA batteries included.

Please note that only the included PRO LED light will cure this fluid!

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“Saved over $150.00!”


I broke a pool vacuum similar to this onehttp://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/pool-blaster-eclipse-0810095p.html#srp My model isn't the same but the plastic is the same. Without the repair, the pool vac was useless. That's how I saved over $150.00: by not having to buy another one.

I used a hacksaw to roughen the surfaces and to cut several small grooves on both sides of the joint where the two broken pieces meet.

While holding the 2 broken pieces together firmly, I applied a lot of bondic liquid making sure to get it into the grooves I made but not too thick a layer. Then I illuminated the liquid with the UV light and it worked. The two pieces stayed together. So I widened the patch area and added layers upon layers to strengthen it. Now when I flex the vac, it flexes alright but not at the joint. I am extremely impressed. HOWEVER, the real test will come next summer when I vacuum the pool. We'll see if the plastic holds up to the stress caused by the metal pole.