By Bondic™ Not A Glue!

Bondic is NOT A GLUE!

Working at Bondic, I come across the same issue time and time again… people trying to use our product like a glue and ultimately failing. I am here to straighten out this issue by stating first and foremost Bondic is NOT A GLUE. I get the easy comparison, it looks like glue, it bonds things, it has sticky properties to it… but aside from these small facts, Bondic really has no other relationship with glue.

Lets first take a look at what glue is. Glue in principle is an adhesive that allows two fractured parts that fit together perfectly to stick together and become one like the picture below:


However, glue doesn’t replace missing pieces, nor does it provide 3D properties. Glue also cures when exposed to air or even in some cases UV light and generally requires pressure between two parts to work.

Bondic has adhesive properties but it is essentially plastic in a liquid format, you don't need perfectly fitting parts for it to work and you can actually fabricate a missing part out of thin air. Take for example this broken block:

The corner is gone so we can not glue it back on, so instead we can use Bondic to rebuild it creating an entirely new piece (like a 3D printer), Something glue cannot be used for.

I know we said “Glue is Dead” but do not take it so literally, we are not trying to replace glue, it does what it does and in some cases, it does it well but Bondic works where glue fails! Bondic is its own category and when something cannot be repaired by glue, that is where Bondic comes in.

You wouldn’t be able to insulate wires with glue:


Or repair a piece of your broken key fob:


Make a hook on the wall:


Or even make new threading:


Think of Bondic as something new, something you have never heard of or tried before because if Bondic is not a glue, then it will not work the same way glue does. So before you say “I tried that Bondic Glue and it didn’t work” take a step back and think, “WAIT! Its not a glue and I shouldn’t use it like one.”

If you want to learn more or see how to perform proper repairs using the Bondic methodology then visit our YouTube page and see for yourself or head on over to our SHOP section and order Bondic today!

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  • I used Bondic to mend my pop-up drain that no longer popped up.
    Took 2-3 minutes, saved replacement hassle or a plumber’s visit. Thank you!

    Patricia Libby on

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