Dr. Cleve T.
It works, it actualky works........
Osama R.
Great Product! Very Innovative!
Ryan D.
Bondic to the rescue again accidentally drilled a hole in my gas tank and sure enough it was able to fill it!!
Trevor T.
When I first saw it at Wal-Mart I thought oh ya another "miracle" product buthey for the price I will give it a try took it home and tried it and WOW I LOVE THIS STUFF used it to fix eyeglasses , and a irreplaceable figurine and even a pinhole leak in my motorcycle fuel tank this stuff rocks. I would advise every biker or rider to get this and keep it in their tool kit or every parent of young accident prone kids.
Alex A.
I was first introduced to Bondic™ when I met Rob at an event. I was amazed at what this product could do, I immediately bought the one right off his hands. Since then I've been eagerly waiting for this to come to market because it really is the best thing the home improvement industry has seen in years! I've fixed everything from broken furniture, to toys, to just playing around with building and seeing what it can do. Love this product!
Sarah S.
Bondic™ is such a lifesaver for me when it comes to fixing and reattaching things I accidentally break. I can avoid making a huge mess on the table and getting sticky fingers!
Tahira M.
I'm the type of person that breaks everything. Anything that comes into my hand seems to end up breaking. In fact, I went through 3 phones because I dropped it and shattered the screen. Bondic™! WHY DIDN"T YOU COME OUT THEN! I would have saved so much money. It's cool. I go around saving money now for my mum and dad. I used it the other day to fix my dad's glasses. Also, I was flabbergasted by the fact that it
works under water.
Chappy - New Survival Skills
Just got a new product in to field test, Bondic™, which is not a glue because it does not harden until you wan't it to and you control this with the use of a UV light. Shining the UV light on Bondic™ for 3-4 seconds without applying pressure sets and hardens the Bondic™. I used it so far today to repair some damaged areas on my M-19 binoculars and from what I have seen so far of this product it is one that everyone should be packing in their packs and adding to your prep gear! Just used Bondic™ to join these two cord ends together and then shock tested it with four 2 inch steel ball bearings in a decon box dropping it while attached from 2 feet with no failure.
Steve B. - Teacher
I would like to say that Bondic™ is the best alternative to any traditional adhesives. As a school teacher, I am constantly fixing things that students break or adhering things for presentation and time and time again Bondic™ provides me with reliability and excellent adhesion to all surfaces! I highly recommend it!
Sarah P. - Jewelry Lover
As a person who loves all types of jewelry from earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, I do find myself facing the decision of throwing them out or attempting to fix them with whatever material I can find. I am absolutely in love with Bondic™! It truly is my jewelry lifesaver – putting back together all the broken pieces when my bracelets get snagged on my lace tops, or when a stone falls off one of my necklaces. Honestly, one time does the trick with this product. My jewelry is all safe and sound hanging amongst the rest of my collection. Thanks Bondic™!
Michael N. - Happy Customer
There have been so many creative uses that I've come up with using Bondic™. You don't think about it when you first get the product, but then things come up that I needed fixing, or welding, and the first thing I think about is "I wonder if Bondic™ can fix that" most of the time it does! The most crazy thing so far was when I dropped my iPhone on the concrete and it smashed the glass. Obviously I needed a new screen but in the meantime the phone still worked and my finger was rubbing against the broken glass, it felt awful and I didn't want to cut myself. So I spread Bondic™ over the areas where it was shattered and it created a smooth film. The touch screen still worked underneath! So now it's useable till I get my new phone. This product is seriously a little piece of magic, it inspires creativity unlike any other. With glue, you dread using it because you know the outcome can be annoying and it may just ruin the thing you are using it on. What I love about Bondic™ is that if I use too much or apply it in the wrong spot or get it on my hands, it just wipes off and I can start again! Love this product!
Corinne C. - Satisfied Customer
Purchasing Bondic™ was probably one of the best things I have ever done! No more throwing out broken items or replacing expensive things. Bondic™ is the ultimate tool that everybody should have! Thanks Bondic™. You have saved me a lot of money!