Our Story

Dr. Thomas Offermann DDS never in a million years thought he would enter the DIY/Home Improvement industry throughout his extensive career as a dental practitioner. This all changed when a patient asked him for a syringe of the dental composite commonly used for filling and bonding teeth, to fix his coffee maker. It didn’t take long before one request turned into a 3 Kilo order.  When Dr. Offermann investigated further he saw how valuable this substance was, far surpassing its current use, with thousands of possibilities before him.

From that moment on Dr. Offermann was on fire and not a single day passed without discovering a new application. After several years of testing and many extensive formulas, the technical transfer from dentistry to general use by virtually everyone and for almost anything led to the birth of Bondic® and the beginning of infinite possibilities.    

From medical to mainstream, Dr. Offermann, a dentist turned visionary, invented a product that is revolutionizing the home improvement world. After seeing the success over a few years, Dr. Offermann partnered with Rob Harbauer to launch Bondic® to the North American market in 2013 and as a result, Bondic® is rapidly becoming a household name. Since then, many products have tried to replicateBondic®, but the products are inferior.Bondic® liquid is made in the USA and non-toxic.

From saving people’s smiles to saving our treasured possessions, Bondic® is available worldwide in many major retail chain stores across the globe.